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Silk Pillowcase
Silk Pillowcase
Silk Pillowcase
Silk Pillowcase
Silk Pillowcase
Silk Pillowcase
Silk Pillowcase
Silk Pillowcase
Silk Pillowcase
Silk Pillowcase
Silk Pillowcase
Silk Pillowcase
Silk Pillowcase
Silk Pillowcase
Silk Pillowcase
Silk Pillowcase
Silk Pillowcase
Silk Pillowcase

Silk Pillowcase

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    Silk works wonders for hair !

    You’ll have heard the term ‘silky smooth hair’, something that we all long for. Funnily enough, this isn’t just a throwaway expression and studies show that silk can actually promote healthier shinier hair.

    It’s now commonly recognised that sleeping on a silk pillowcase can prevent the risks of hair tangling in the night, which can often lead to breakage as a result. The soft texture of silk allows the hair to slide rather than tangle and knot together, far reducing the damage that can be caused over time. 

    Cotton and other porous fabrics like linen, tend to pull your hair from the roots causing breakage and can dry your hair due to its moisture wicking properties. The smooth surface of our high-grade silk, not only feels super soft and elegant, but it also leaves your hair hydrated and frizz-free hair.

    Say 'Goodbye' to frizzy, kinky and pony tail hair! Our luxurious, high-grade Mulberry Silk pillowcases will help prevent friction so you can wake up with silky smooth hair every day. They even can help extend the life of your blowdry! Our silk scrunchies will also help to keep your hair kink-free and shiny throughout the day.


    Further to that, if you’re looking to maintain your hairstyle during the night, it’s widely recommended to sleep on a silk pillowcase. According to research, this can slow down the increase of oils in the hair, so you can get another few days out of your style.

    Helps to keep your skin moisturised

    Suffering from dry, dehydrated skin? Silk is your answer. We’re not saying to ditch the moisturiser just yet, but sleeping in silk bedding can help to keep skin hydrated during the night.

    Made with tightly-woven, smooth fibres, the properties of silk allow it to keep moisture close to the skin, so you’re not losing that well-needed hydration as you would by sleeping on cotton. This also brings it back to reversing the signs of ageing – happy, hydrated and plumper skin means less wrinkles! 

    Helps to prevent allergies

    Silk is actually hypoallergenic. The sericin residue in silk is a natural repellent that keeps away dust mites, mould, bacteria and other common allergens. For this reason, not many people are allergic to silk.

    It’s the ideal choice for those with particularly sensitive skin, as it’s free of any potentially irritating added chemicals so it can be worn safe in the knowledge that there’s no risk of causing an eczema flare up, skin rashes or that dreaded stuffy nose that allergy sufferers are all too familiar with.

    Can improve your sleep

    It may sound like we’ve been promoting silk pillowcases as the answer to all life problems, and while that’s unfortunately not completely true, there is some truth to it. Evidence shows that sleeping in silk bedding can in fact improve your sleep – and we all know that a good night’s sleep affects almost every aspect of your life.

    For those who have problems getting a night of good quality sleep, it can often be down to what you’re sleeping in. Cotton sheets can irritate the skin, attract dust mites and generally get bunched up in the night – all factors significantly impacting restfulness.

    Combining all of the above benefits, silk bedding and pillowcases can quite literally promote that well needed beauty sleep that we’re all longing for.

    It’s safe to say that all of the evidence points towards the fact that just about anyone would benefit from incorporating more silk into their daily lives. From preventing allergies to helping you age gracefully if you invest in one thing this year as part of your self-care routine, a silk pillowcase should come top of the list.

    Slows down the ageing process

    As we get older, we’re tempted to try just about anything and everything that promises to reverse the signs of ageing. However, investing in expensive ‘miracle creams’ may not be quite as effective as investing in a good quality silk pillowcase.

    There has been a wealth of research into the cosmetic applications of silk, showing that sleeping on a silk pillowcase can actually prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. The natural cellular albumen found in silk helps to speed up the metabolism of skin cells, ensuring that they’re turning over and replenishing at a faster rate which in turn leads to healthier, plumper skin.

    One Scandinavian study found that cotton pillowcases can actually increase the likelihood of wrinkles. It’s no surprise, considering frequent tossing and turning in the night is considered one of the biggest cause for creating wrinkles, but the smooth surface of silk reduces the friction between the skin and the pillowcase, therefore reducing the chances of this occurring.

    If wrinkles are a concern of yours, try switching out your pillowcases with silk replacements and reap the anti-ageing benefits!

    What’s more, silk fibres are one of the strongest natural textile fibres in the world. This means that silk is incredibly durable so when properly cared for, you can expect your silk pillowcases and bedding to last up to 20 years. We’d say that’s a pretty worthwhile long-term investment!

    100% Pure Natural Silk Pillowcase

    What Make Us Different? 

    ✔️We use 100% pure genuine silk not silk blend, it's pure natural fabric, the benefit and price is very different from silk blend or satin. 

    ✔️Momme is about the thickness of silk material, more thicker more expensive. We use 25 momme silk which is high density silk and durable.

    ✔️ BOTH side are 100% silk unlike many others on the market.

    How to Identify Genuine Pure Silk from Fake Silk?

    🧪Bleach: Pure Silk will fully be dissolved in bleach within a couple of minutes. It’s the most straight forward way to test because even silk blended won’t dissolve in bleach. If you want to test out the product, we suggest grabbing a tiny bit of silk fiber from the invisible corner (avoid sewing thread)

    🔥 Fire: Pure silk will slowly burn while exposed to the flame, won’t catch fire, will smell like burning hair while touching the flame, but will stop burning almost immediately when the flame is removed.  Fake silk, on the other hand, will melt into beads, smell like burning plastic, and can also catch fire, continuing to burn when you remove the flame!  

    Product Specifications: 

    Material: BOTH sides 100% genuine silk 

    Size: 48x74 cm (Fitted Australia standard size pillow)

    Style: Envelope

    Edge: Flat edge (about 3cm wide)

    Care Instructions:

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