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Safe Personal Alarm

 1 in 6 (1.5 million) women were physically and/or sexually abused before the age of 15 in Australia

It was just a normal day at the shopping centre for Bec, a 60 year old mom, until everything went horribly wrong.... until everything went horribly wrong.

She had just left the store carrying her shopping bags, and was walking to her car when the unthinkable happened.

"I wasn't parked too far away, it was about a 60 second walk or so to my car from the store," she remembers, "and I kind of had that feeling I was being watched."

Right as she was unlocking her car, a man quickly came up behind her and tried to grab her.

"He told me 'don't fight, give me your wallet!' as he tried to wrestle my purse away. I was in shock. Luckily for me I remembered I had my Safe Personal alarm on my purse, and since I was too scared to scream for help, I quickly reached for the alarm and pulled the pin."

"Immediately my Safe Personal alarm started just screaming. I mean it was REALLY SCREAMING. He didn't know what to do! He froze for a second, then ran away like a bat out of hell! People heard the alarm and started yelling and running over to help. They said it was the Safe Personal Alarm that got their attention."

While Bec was lucky enough to be carrying a Safe personal alarm, allowing her to escape her attacker unscathed, others weren't so lucky..."You hear stories, but you never think it will happen to you," she said.  

After her attack, Bec bought the Safe Personal Alarm for her mother, children, and all of her friends. People often attach it to purses, keys and pockets.

"After the attack, I immediately bought 10 more Safe Personal Alarms for all of my friends and family. Now I know the people I care about most will be safe."

What is it?

The Safe Personal Alarm is a safety device capable of creating a 130db sound that attracts attention and scares away potential assailants. To compare, it’s the same volume as a military jet during takeoff.

It’s also simple to use. Instead of having a button that could easily be pressed by accident, the SafeSound device utilizes a pull-pin. Once pulled, the device emits its ear-piercing sound for up to 30 continuous minutes, or until the pin is replaced.

It can be reused over and over, and it easily attaches to purses, keys, and backpacks. It’s also small enough to fit in your pocket. But it packs a wallop.

The SafeSound Personal Alarm has been helping people across the country,. Here are some of the people who are that much safer because of the this device.

  • Women can use it as a a crime deterrent, protecting themselves from attackers
  • Kids are protected as they walk to school by keeping the SafeSound keychain on their backpack
  • Seniors can alert neighbors and people around them in emergency situations such as heart attacks, falls, and injuries
  • And more

How much does it cost? (And is it worth the price?)

The SafeSound is currently for $30.They offer further discounts if you buy in bigger bulk, which I know many good parents will do.

While the Safe Personal Alarm was originally made to protect younger women and children, massive orders are coming in from seniors everywhere, and it is quickly becoming the most popular gift idea in 2020.

As far as value, it’s definitely worth the price. Knowing that you are safe in case of an attack, or that your daughter is protected on the way home from school, the SafeSound has given you peace of mind that you simply can’t put a price tag on.

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